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Friday, January 18, 2008

Another Wild Idea

I guess that one of the reasons God made flowers was to get men off the hook with women. Many times I have done or said something dumb and been able to redeem myself with a rose from the garden, and a sincere note of apology. I love sending flowers to loved ones or someone I want to encourage. However, the cost often hits me as hard in the conscience as it does in the wallet. I think of how many meals I could buy for a starving child with the same amount of money. If a flower company had an option called “Flowers for Food,” I would take that option. Instead of the recipient getting a $60 bunch of flowers, they would get one beautiful rose and a quality card that says, “This rose is a token of my deep love for you. I actually paid for a dozen roses for you, but only one was sent. This is because 75% of the money spent on you was instead sent to the Children’s Hunger Fund, a reputable organization that spends 99% of its donations on starving children. I thought this would give you more joy than eleven more roses.”