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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Cheated Atheists

I love thunder and lightning, especially when a boom is so loud that it makes the house shudder. I love to see massive lightning flash across the sky, and make a pitch dark night as light as noon day. I love it because it puts the fear of God into me, and the fear of God is good for any human being. The atheist has convinced himself that God didn’t create creation. For him “creation” doesn’t exist, because if he calls it creation logic demands a Creator. We are instead surrounded by “accidentation” (yes Mr. Atheist, I just made up another word, especially for you). Everything is a big accident. No one caused it and no one is in control. So when he hears a boom of thunder, or sees an incredible flash of lightning, the thunder doesn’t awaken him and the lightning doesn’t give him light as to what is going on. He, because of what is called “willful ignorance,” cheats himself of perhaps the greatest of all benefits in this life—the fear of the Lord, which is “the beginning of wisdom.” Without having the “beginning” of wisdom, he will keep thinking that nothing created everything from nothing. Such thoughts only make sense to someone who hasn’t got sense.