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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Men in White Coats

Years ago a man carrying a a large ladder and wearing a white coat walked in a courtroom while it was in session. He then leaned the ladder against the wall, climbed it and took the court clock. He was a thief. I guess he took the time to answer some sort of "dare."

You may have noticed that doctors on infomercials peddling stuff usually wear white coats. The white coat helps them get away with more than time. It supposedly shows us that they are trustworthy, and many a man in a white coat has carried on some illegitimate operation until the law caught up with him. Despite this, most genuine doctors still wear white coats, because (arguably) it makes us feel more comfortable as they poke, prod and pry.

Some preachers also wear white coats. It may impress some, but we should reserve respect for the man who is clothed in humility. Is your pastor humble of heart? Or is he a wolf in sheep's clothing (of which Jesus warned us to beware)? To find out, you should listen to what comes out of his mouth, because the mouth speaks the abundance of the heart, and out of the heart come the issues of life. Does he preach the unadulterated gospel? Does he have a deep concern for the lost? Does he treat his wife with the utmost respect? Is he separated from the world? Is he unclean in his humor? Does he love and preach from the Scriptures? Does he walk in the fear of God? If not, it would be wise to question if you should be sitting under his teaching and supporting his ministry.