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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Questions and Objections

"What really shocks me here are the number of Christians who are afraid of atheists...What is scary about someone not believing the same thing as you...? Perhaps I am asking the wrong question... Perhaps I should be asking, are you that afraid that your belief system is that easily deconstructed...?"

Good question. We are not scared of atheists, although if we weren’t Christians, we should be. A very wise man once said, “Most I fear God. Next, I fear him who fears Him not.” Atheists are probably about as dangerous as “religious” people (as apposed to those who truly love God). Religious people have killed millions throughout history in religious wars (the Crusades of the Catholic church, Islamic terrorism, etc.), the Spanish Inquisition (the murder of Christians by the Catholic church), the killing of the prophets of God (by religious Jews), the murder of Jesus, the persecution of the Church (see the Book of Acts for details, or read Foxes Book of Martyrs for greater and horrific detail). Religious hypocrites come in a close second to atheistic communism, which is responsible for 100 million deaths throughout history. If someone doesn’t fear God, they will lie to you (if they think that they can get away with it), they will steal from you (if they think they can get away with it), and they may even kill you (if they . . . you know why by now). The atheist thinks that he’s getting away with his sin. He denies that there is a God, and therefore he believes that there is no judgment for his actions. He may evade civil law, but there is no way he can ever evade God’s Law. God considers lust to be adultery, and hatred, murder. He sees the thought-life, and Jesus warned that even every idle word he speaks, he will have to give an account for on the Day of Judgment.