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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rusty Harp

Some people somehow think that Christians believe that we are going to spend eternity sitting on a cloud playing a rusty harp. If that’s all I hoped for, I wouldn’t be a Christian. The hope that I have isn’t nebulous. It is concrete. It’s what is called an “anchor of the soul.” It is both sure and steadfast. Here’s what it is. Think about the beauty of this massive earth. Think of a tall snow-covered mountain, or a clear babbling book, or a beautiful beach with clean white sand, crystal clear waters filled with an amazing array of brightly colored fish. The pristine waters reflect a sky-blue sky, and the beach is surrounded with straight, tall and green palm trees. Think of magnificent California redwoods or of the incredible assortment of tasty fruit trees, or the breathtaking beauty of a sunrise or sunset, or the magnificence of the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls. Got it in mind? Now think of this. All who repent and trust in Jesus Christ, whether Jew or Gentile, black or white, male or female, rich or poor--will “inherit this earth.” God has given it to us, and it will be ours for eternity. God’s spiritual Kingdom came to this earth on the day of Pentecost, and the time will come when the literal Kingdom will come to this earth, and God’s will, will be done on this earth as it is in Heaven. We not only escape Hell, but, by God’s grace, we get heaven on earth. So, if you are a Christian, make sure you know what God has in store for those that love Him, and if you are not, make sure you know what God has in store for those that hate Him.