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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fools Mock at Sin

A woman in Florida was in court for running down a man who was riding a bike. As she was awaiting sentence (which was predicted to be a one to four year sentence) she took a phone call from a friend, and laughed as he made jokes about the victim’s death. When the judge heard the recorded phone call, he threw the book at her, and gave her the maximum sentence of more than ten years. Why did he do that? Because her laughter revealed that she had no contrition (true sorrow). She didn’t see the seriousness of her crime.

What is it that will bring swift mercy from the Judge of the Universe? What is it that will open the door of the grace of God to guilty sinners? It is what the Bible calls “godly sorrow.” It is only when we see the seriousness of our transgressions against God that we will have godly sorrow, and it is godly sorrow that “works repentance.” Each of us has a choice. We can be a fool and mock at sin, or we can see sin as being “exceedingly sinful.” You have God's Word on it, that He will throw the Book at the proud and impenitent heart, but He will give grace to the humble. So humble yourself today, acknowledge your sins and as you trust in the Savior, you will taste of the grace of God.