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Monday, February 18, 2008

The Human Experiment

Recently I posted the words “Chocolate cake” on this blog. I did this because I was becoming amazed at the reaction of atheists to anything I was writing. No matter what I said, they would come back with cynical, sarcastic, and snide remarks. I was sure that if I said that I liked cheese, they would say that they hate it, and would call me a lying, self-righteous cheese-monger.

So I wanted to try an experiment. I tried to think of something that almost everyone likes, and “chocolate cake” was the obvious front-runner. After I posted it I expected to get comments that said things like “What sort of devious, conniving, underhanded post is this? You and your unscientific ‘human experiment,’ and your grubby little chocolate cake!” But it seems most of the mice stayed away from the cheese. They smelled a rat. There were dozens of posts, but I don’t think there was a real cynical one among them. Maybe atheists don’t like taste of chocolate. That could be it. They don’t show any interest in tasting the joys Heaven . . . so I guess that makes sense.