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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

They're Back

“Surprise, Ray tried a science experiment and failed.”

“Shame. I thought you had more integrity than that.”

“Or maybe non-Christians aren't as horrible and non-human as you sometimes portray us, Ray. We're not all child-murdering rapists, you know.”

“As an experiment, it was an interesting one, in so much as it demonstrated the exact opposite to that which you were expecting…”

“Oh come on Ray, I'm an atheist and I was like the 3rd reply.”

“Or, maybe we're just smarter than you, Ray. Let's see you post this one!”

“Your experiment did reveal something interesting. Look at all the praise and silly comments you got by writing ‘chocolate cake.’”

"Science experiments don't fail. They produce empirical results. In this case, those results did not conform to Ray's hypothesis. The experiment did not fail. Instead it showed that Ray was wrong."

... Welcome back. We love you guys.