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Saturday, February 23, 2008

No Worries

A note to skeptics. Thanks for your sincere concern that Christians are spending their lives in “superstition,” believing things we ought not to believe. However, your worry for us is totally unfounded. I am probably speaking for most Christians when I say that I walk under ladders without any concern about it bringing bad luck. I couldn’t care less if a black cat walked in front of me. Friday the 13th is like any other day. I don’t read horoscopes. I think they are stupid. I don’t visit psychics, except with a hidden camera in an effort to expose them. I don’t believe in Santa Clause, Zeus, UFO’s, fairytales or evolution.

I believe in what I can see with my eyes, and I have adequate proof for what I believe in that I can’t see. I couldn’t care less if a pizza looked like Mary, or that some puffy cloud in the sky looks like Jesus with His arms outstretched. I’m not impressed by champagne. I wouldn’t eat caviar if you paid me, and I’m unimpressed by the superficiality of Hollywood. I don’t trust politicians, and I don’t have much faith in the political process.

I am a skeptic by nature, and I think that is healthy. So, relax. If there’s no Heaven and no Hell, I won’t even know about it. And if by living a godly life, I missed out on being an alcoholic, on clogging my lungs with cigarette smoke, destroying my brain with drugs, ruining my family with greed, getting sexually transmitted diseases, and having a niggling thought that Hell might exist, that’s okay with me.