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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wrong Number

I tried to call my eldest son recently. I didn’t have my cell phone to speed dial him, so I had to use a conventional phone along with my brain. I looked at the faded number on a piece of card. One of the numbers was hardly legible, so I took a guess and waited for him to answer. Suddenly, someone answered. It was the police department!

Maybe you’re just doing your “number” in life. Your conscience is so dulled it’s not telling you that what you are doing is wrong. Your take on morality is faded. It once was very clear, but not any longer. You think that your error is no big deal, but what you are doing is calling on the Law. Every transgression will reap retribution. Every time you sin, in thought, word or in deed, you are violating the Moral Law and storing up God’s wrath. Don’t believe it? That’s your problem.