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Friday, February 15, 2008

What's Behind Fear?

Are you fearful to share your faith? Most of us are. Here’s a way to conquer it. See fear as a barometer of your pride. The more fear you have, the greater is the pride in your heart. If that’s hard to figure, let’s ask what it is that we fear most? It’s not that our faith will be shaken, or that someone will outwit us in an argument. Rather, it’s a fear of looking foolish, of being called “religious,” or “brainwashed” or being rejected for our beliefs. Those things are of concern (fearful) for a proud person. A proud person has a high view of himself, so he fears being called "religious" or "brainwashed." However, a truly humble person isn’t concerned about himself and how others view him. Why? Because his view of himself is low. It’s the sin of pride that keeps us from coming to the cross, and it’s the sin of pride that stops us preaching the old rugged cross. We don’t want to carry its shame and reproach.