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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Who Cares?

“Lusting after women or property....who cares? That thought is a crime is absurd. If you don't act on it, why should you be punished? Even if you dwell on it.”

The thought that merely thinking could be a crime does seem absurd. Absurd, that is, until you realize that if you are caught thinking about killing the President of the United States, you will find yourself in serious violation of civil law. You don’t have to do the act. You simply have to be thinking about it.

So what would our skeptical questioner say to that? Let me try and predict his words. He would probably say something like, “That’s different. Conspiracy to murder the President is a serious crime.” And that’s the point. He doesn’t think that pornography of the mind is a serious crime. God does. Our questioner’s moral standards are extremely low. God’s are incredibly high. If you and I have a seething hatred in our heart for another person, God sees that as murder. And if we burn with unlawful sexual thoughts towards another human being, God sees that as adultery.

So, to answer our skeptic’s question “Lusting after women or property....who cares?” God cares. He cares about justice big time, and He will see to it that the guilty will get their just dessert. Adulterers and murderers will end up damned in a terrible place called Hell. Who cares? I do, and I’m not the only one.