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Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Issue of Suicide

Someone asked if a person goes to Heaven, if they commit suicide. While there are some who are quick to say “Thou shalt not kill” includes killing of one’s self, others point to the person who is standing on a window ledge of the 100th story of the World Trade center. Think of this scenario. As the poor man’s flesh catches fire with the unspeakable heat of exploding jet fuel, he deliberately leans forward and topples 100 stories to his death. He didn’t want to die, but terrifying circumstances caused him to lean forward to escape his unspeakably horrifying circumstances.

This is not an imaginary scenario. Such a terrible scene played out many times on September 11th, 2001. The issue, in such a case, isn't so cut and dry. It would be therefore unwise to say that those who tragically take their lives, did or didn’t go to Heaven. The Bible is silent on the subject of suicide and salvation, and it’s probably wise for us to be silent also.