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Monday, March 3, 2008

The Lie Detector

“Pvblivs said... A common misconception is that polygraphs detect lies. They don't. They measure body responses. There is some correlation between these responses and lying; but there is also considerable room for error. Some people can 'fail' a polygraph just because they are nervous about the situation in which they find themselves.”

Our atheist friend is right. The “lie” detector isn’t a lie detector, it actually is a “conscience” detector. It detects the body’s physical reactions to the voice of the conscience. We did an entire program on this subject for the Third Season of our TV program (begins to air in March), in which we hooked Kirk up to a polygraph machine and he tried to beat the machine. You won’t believe what happened.

The conscience is a dilemma for the believer in evolution. He doesn’t know why it exists. Neither do the experts. Why would evolution create something that tells us that it’s wrong to lie, to steal, to kill and to commit adultery? Was primitive man committing these sins before he evolved a conscience? If he wasn’t, why did the conscience evolve? If he was, why did the conscience evolve?

Rather, the conscience is the inner light that God has given to every one of us, and He will hold us responsible to it. We will have no excuse on Judgment Day, because we know right from wrong. And that guilt manifests itself in sweaty palms, alterations in our breathing patterns, and our heart rhythm. So don’t sweat it. Listen to its voice. It should bring you to the foot of a blood-stained cross.