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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lunch with Another Atheist

The boss of a "backyard" atheistic skeptics club recently asked me to have lunch with him. Bruce was a nice man, so we made a date to eat together. After saying grace, we chatted for about 40 minutes and then went back to our ministry to answer some questions his fellow skeptics had formulated. As we sat down, he boldly put a small recording device into my top pocket. I felt as though I was being set up, but decided to see where he was leading me.

They were the usual questions skeptics ask. Here are a few, from memory: “Why do you reject all the evidence of evolution given by paleontologists?” I told him that I was a skeptic by nature, and that evidence for evolution given by paleontologists should be viewed with great skepticism, because they had big motives for lying. If a paleontologist comes up with any sort of evidence, he could find his face on the cover of National Geographic, with world-wide TV interviews, a book deal, and big honorariums for speaking engagements. So the modern paleontologist has a huge incentive for twisting the truth, just a little.

The next question was “Why doesn’t God show Himself by doing a little miracle, like simply moving a glass of water on the desk in front us?” I told him that over lunch he mocked the miracle of God causing the sun to stand still for Joshua. That was bigger and better than the moving glass. Besides, if he wanted an audience with the Queen of England, she doesn’t come on his terms, he comes on hers. He mumbled, “Good analogy.”

He then asked me why there were so many religions. I told him that man messes up everything to which he puts his hand--especially religion, that I hate religion, and I explained that the difference between being a Christian and being “religious” is something called “works righteousness.” Religious people think that they can earn (or bribe) their way to Heaven by doing things--fasting, praying, facing Mecca, doing good works, etc., when eternal life is a free gift of God. It can't be earned. I said that I would rather be called “stumpy” than “religious.” Religion has caused untold wars and misery throughout history, it’s the opium of the masses, and I don’t run around in a white robe sprinkling water on people.

He also brought up the “banana” argument. Years ago, I published a booklet called “The Atheist Test”: http://www.livingwaters.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=231

In the booklet, I compare a banana to a coke can (with its own tab, etc.). It’s a parody, using a little humor to make a point. “The Atheist Test" has proven to be very popular (over a million have sold). However, it wasn’t too popular with atheists. They removed the coke can portion of the parody, maintained that I believe the banana is proof for God’s existence, and sure made a monkey out of me.

As I was answering his questions, I was thinking that things weren’t going the way my friend expected. I became convinced that he wouldn’t post the interview on the skeptics' website. It wasn't good for his cause.

The next time I saw Bruce, my thoughts were confirmed. He said that he had decided not to post it because I had mentioned the Bible too many times. If I recall correctly, I may have referred to it 2-3 times. Besides, he was in the broadcasting business, but I guess he must have forgotten about something called “editing.”

The incident confirmed what I had believed all along. The skeptic isn’t interested in truth. He only wants to confirm his presuppositions. That's why they have their club--to build up each other in their faith (beliefs). How true that “Men love darkness rather than light; neither will they come to the light, least their deeds are exposed.” Oops. I quoted the Bible.