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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pregnant Woman

Some time ago a pregnant 34 year-old woman appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show because she had facial hair that grew as a result of hormonal drugs. Oprah called the hairy woman’s pregnancy "a new definition of what diversity means for everybody." Sorry Oprah, it wasn’t. Women with facial hair have always been around. Ask Barnum and Bailey. Their circus had a pretty diverse humanity, from the fat lady, to the wolf man, to the bearded lady.

She paraded her guest as “diversity” because the woman pretended to be a man. This used to be called “cross-dressing,” something practiced by weirdoes. Saying that she is a man is almost as dim as modern day evolutionary “discoveries,” that are announced in the name of science.

By “diversity” Oprah presumably meant that it was a breaking away from what is normal. Or to be more specific, it is a breaking away from the shackles of what is often called the Judaic/Christian ethic. What do Jews and Christians have in common? It’s the Ten Commandments. The Scriptures tell us that the sinful mind of mankind is in a place of hostility to those Commandments (see Romans 8:7). Humanity wants to diversify from "You shall not commit adultery" (which includes lust and fornication).

However, the moral Law is written in stone. It’s not going away, and it will be the holy standard by which God judges this sinful world on the Day of Judgment. It’s because of that Law, that we need a Savior. The gospel provides the ultimate diversity from death.