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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Science Fiction

“Weemaryanne said...Now let's hear your answer to Rufus' question: Just how intelligent is a designer who puts nipples on a creature that will never suckle an infant?”

I could say that male nipples are God's thumb-tacks to keep the chest in place, but I'm sure one or two atheists would take me seriously. Still, it sounds better than the theory that they are the evolutionary beginnings of making men capable of nursing.

Talking of crazy imaginations, I just purchased a book called The Wild World of the Future. It’s a publication that imagines what animals will look like millions of years into the future. Professor Neil Alexander, the leading biologist who helped design many of the incredible creatures pictured in the book, encourages readers to make up their own creatures. He says, “Be bold when you imagine the animals of the future.” It's a good exercise. Evolution is all about imagination.

You too can play the game and do what the scientists have done. The sky is the limit. Take for instance, the common backyard snail. On page 21 you can see what they imagine it will look like in 200 million years time. It will have evolved into a 12 inch high creature (about the size of a rabbit), and it will hop (like the rabbit). Its skin will be scaly as it will have evolved into a reptile. It could rightly be called a “snabbit.” In just 100 million years, the slow-moving 3-foot high tortoise will have evolved into a massive creature 40 times heavier than an elephant, and at 23 feet high, it will be the biggest creature on earthIt will give up its hard shell, and have feet like an elephant. It could be called a “Tortephant.” You can see a picture of it on page 50. Also in 200 million years time, one species of fish will have evolved wings and it will be able to truly fly. This isn’t a stretch of the imagination because many evolutionists really believe that some dinosaurs developed feathers and became birds. Scientists have called the amazing flying fish a “flish.” I didn’t make up that name. It’s in the book (page 74). You can also meet the “bumblebeetle.” No explanation needed for that one.

Obviously, this book was written for children, and it is billed as the "Companion book to the Discovery Channel series: The Future is Wild" (page 96). For those adults who want to play "imagine," there's a book called Future Evolution , in which the author "foresees humankind's evolving alongside machines, in company with genetically altered plants that will infest the world as weeds and cloned animal species devoid of any evolutionary spark."

In April of 2007, during the ABC Nightline atheist debate, Kirk Cameron and I produced imaginary pictures of what we imagined would be genuine species-to-species transitional forms. We called one a “Crocoduck,” and another was called a “birddog.” This was to show exactly what evolutionists believe, but can’t back up through the fossil record. We were ridiculed, called stupid, and told that we didn’t understand evolution. However, these books vindicate us (not that we needed it). They have done with the future, what evolutionists have done with the past. They have made a mockery out of science.