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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Dirty Double Standard

When a sixteen-year-old apparently called authorities from a religious sect in Texas and said that she had been sexually abused, a small army was sent and over 400 children were taken from the compound. So, it’s clear that America feels strongly about the sexual abuse of children. Explain then why Roman Catholic bishops and cardinals, who were accused of covering up sex scandals within the church or abusing children themselves, were not prosecuted. According to NBC News "not a single one of the 19 accused bishops lost his title or was prosecuted." The pope simply paid off the folks with a couple of billion dollars.

Some have insisted that there was an urgency with the sect's case, but not with the pedophilia within the Catholic church. They maintain that there is therefore no link between the two issues. That doesn't address the fact that these so-called men of God betrayed their office, they betrayed the trust of parents, and they seriously violated the law. If time lessens guilt, then let's not raid compounds immediately and prosecute sex offenders. Instead, let's leave the issue for 20 years. Time will eradicate their guilt.

There is a double tragedy with this double standard. The media loves to call the Roman Catholic church “Christian,” when its official doctrine of justification by works flies in the face of the Bible. If the difference between Catholic and Christian isn’t made clear, I can understand why so many reject what they believe is "Christianity." The great loss will be theirs, because they are throwing out the baby of everlasting life with the very dirty bathwater of religious hypocrisy.