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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Skeptic's Question

“What dishonesty! NASA claims the maple seed is ‘intelligently designed’??? What a liar! Are you capable of honesty when it comes to science? Ray, what is the intelligent design in fish that live in caves and produce non-functional eyes? What about the intelligent design in the coronary artery? We have one artery to supply the heart with oxygen...one artery. If this one vessel gets clogged....coronary. Intelligent design adds redundancies, especially on vital parts to prevent the machine from breaking down. You are telling me that this is the best that Jesus could do?”

Clost…It seems obvious to me that fish that live in dark caves under the water don’t need functioning eyes because it’s dark down there. Regarding your clogged arteries problem-- lay off the double-double cheese burgers, the cigarettes and the alcohol, get plenty of exercise, and you won’t clog up your coronary artery. Then you can die healthy. You should also remember that you have been designed with only one esophagus. I wouldn't clog that up either. Same with the brain.

I’m not being sarcastic here, but can you tell me why you believe that evolution "designed" the heart with one coronary artery? Or perhaps you could tell me how you would have designed it? Two arteries? Three?

I have a few other questions. Which came first--the blood or the heart that pumps the blood? Did the body evolve a heart because it needed it? How did the body survive when the heart hadn't yet evolved? Or was the body alive without a heart? How did that work?

Did skin exist before the blood formed? How did that stay alive without blood? Why did blood form and how did it live without oxygen pumping though it? If it was able to live in that state, where did the oxygen come from, and why did the blood suddenly need oxygen to keep it alive? Did lungs form because they were needed to pull in oxygen for the heart? How long did it take for the lungs to evolve, and how did the heart survive without it?

One more. Why have you been reading the posts of a brainless liar for all these months? I think it would be wise to stop, because you and your atheist friends are just encouraging me. I like you being here, but you should understand that you are promoting Intelligent Design every time you write to me. That’s not good for the dying cause of evolution or for atheism.