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Friday, May 2, 2008

Big Time Celebrity Sighting

We had our first Ambassador's Academy recently. Fifty people from around the world (and overseas) came to Los Angeles for a day of intensive training, and then two days on the streets reaching out to the lost. The first day’s instruction including teaching on what to and not to do when approached by the police. That was given by Tony Miano, whose 21 years on the force sure gave a different and interesting perspective. Duane Barnhart (the brilliant director and producer of The Way of the Master television program) gave instruction on video production. Kirk was great, and so were the other gifted speakers.

Here's a couple of commendations:

“The Ambassador's Academy was thousands of times more incredible than I ever could have imagined it could be!” Vic Stinson (SC).

“I returned home safely and wanted to take a moment to say thank you and the Way of the Master Team for an incredible Ambassador's Academy this past week. This was by far the best biblical training I have attended.” Rhonda Stroud (TX).

The fellowship was very rich, and the trip to Hollywood in a bus with 56 other like-minded Christians was wonderful. But a highlight was getting a video clip of an A-list actor (in the top ten slot) taking a Million Dollar Bill tract.

While we were there, I did notice that vandals had ruined the area outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre, by putting imprints of their hands and feet into the concrete, and then scribbling their names. We may take a team back one night and give the whole area a fresh concreting, free of charge. I think they would like that.