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Friday, May 2, 2008

The Real Nastiness

“Last night, I decided to look through a blog that one of the atheists who posts here regularly has up. This person is a "ring leader" (so to speak) of other atheists that post on this blog. They encourage each other to post things on Ray's blog to incite us. When you see the nastiness being spewed towards you, or the Godhead, know that it's planned to anger you and lead you astray. You may want to check the profiles and personal blogs of posters before engaging in discussions with them...some people just want to 'tick you off' and get a good laugh from it. Stand strong in your faith and have a blessed day!!”

Thanks for the kind encouragement. We are in the enviable position of having these people come to our territory and speak to us on our terms. I have mentioned before that the real nastiness, the blasphemy, and bad language don’t make it through.

Most of us are aware that we are casting pearls before swine (the "swine" word will upset them), but never forget the medium in which we are sharing eternal truths. Many people read this blog and pass it on, all over the Internet. While there are hard-line atheists out there, there are also those who are reading and thinking deeply about the issues of life and death, Heaven and Hell.

Not only are they being reached, but Christians are reading are learning how dumb atheism is, and how their arguments are always the same old thing. I know, because I have been listening to them for more than 30 years.

I have to admit that I love atheists being here, whether they are genuinely seeking the truth and just wanting to vent. They provoke me to thought and give me springboards into areas I wouldn’t normally bother to go.

Parts of this blog are coming out as a devotional for Christians, and another book will eventually be published called 101 Questions Skeptics Have About God. So I’m never ticked off in the slightest. I love them for what they do for this blog, and I love them because they are human beings made in the image of God, with the same fears and desires as myself. And I desperately want the worst of them to come to genuine faith in Jesus Christ. So let’s keep them in prayer.