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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Max, Take a Deep Breath

Comfort, you are an ignorant #@!% ... Get a $#@!&... Comfort, you are an ignorant $%#@!*... Get a $#@&% clue you idiotic kiwi $#@!%&. !*#@$ with a !#@%$ spiky melon *%$#@ !%$$#, you're a *!#$ &*#!!! -- Max.

Some time ago we received an email that was similar to Max's. It was filled with very angry profanity, aimed at us. So we contacted the man and asked why he was so angry. It turned out that he was an atheist, he was in pain, and he had big medicinal bills he couldn't pay. Without giving too many details, we asked Christians in his area to contact him. They did, and they paid his bills. Needless to say, we received a very polite and appreciative email from him some time later.

(Christians: Please pray for Max. We don't know his circumstances. He may simply be filled with hatred, or he may have another reason for being so angry).