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Saturday, May 3, 2008


"I looked deeper into his blog and discovered that he deletes any and all comments from people who disagree with him . . . I just posted a comment 'you're a %#!*!' to Comfort."

“Comfort is such a @%!%*$ fool, not for his beliefs, but for his idiotic presentation.”

“I went over to Ray's blog, and I've become addicted to pointing out his mischaracterization of atheists and lack of evidence for his belief system for five days now!”

“Ray Comfort is a %$#@! &%$#! idiot.”

“Comfort is a most bilious fool.”

“Ray Comfort is a complete moron.”

“Every single post there has something in it which literally melts part of my brain. EVERY SINGLE POST.”

“Comfort is not sane.”

"Ray, you hyprocritical chicken #!@%$!

“Yes Ray, you are an idiot ...”

"Ray Comfort is an illogical @!*$! . . . I bet he's a republican!"