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Saturday, May 10, 2008

God and Marijuana

“Why did God create marijuana? Seriously, educate me on this topic.”

I have no idea why God created the marijuana plant. But it seems that everything He created has some purpose for some part of His creation. For example, hemp (from which marijuana is made) is very useful in creating strong rope.

Marijuana is often called “weed,” and weeds came about on earth as a direct result of the curse of God, following Adam's sin.

If, however, you are really asking, “If God created marijuana, shouldn't we therefore smoke it?” I think I may be able to answer that. I would say that God also created sand. If you want to eat sand by the spoonful, go ahead. But don’t complain when you get a bellyache.

While God had a practical use for marijuana, man decided for some reason to burn it and kill his brain cells by inhaling its harmful fumes. Likewise, man decided to use the beautiful poppy to destroy his life with incredibly addictive heroin.

Breathing in the burning fumes of anything isn't good for the human body. In fact, it's extremely unhealthy to do such a thing, and those who do so aren't thinking very deeply. Another word for marijuana is “dope.” I wonder why?