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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Indiana Jones

I don’t think I have watched the entire Raiders of the Lost Ark movie, but I did Tivo the part where the Nazis find the golden ark and open it. I’m fascinated with the movie because what Hollywood did with it was almost biblical. The 1981 special effects (which now look very cheesy) show all who look at the ark being consumed by the terrifying spirit of death.

The ark of God contained the moral Law (Ten Commandments), which was written on two tablets of stone. That perfect and eternal Law is the reason all of humanity dies. It thundered out the decree, “The soul who sins shall die.” And what's more, on Judgment Day its fearsome lightning flash will search out all evil and pour on the fire of its wrath. God cannot be separated from His holy Law. The Scriptures warn us that He is a consuming fire, and that it’s a fearful thing to fall in His hands.

But think what firefighters do when they know that a massive fire is heading their way. They burn the area around them. Then they lay low, cover themselves, and the fire passes over them because there is nothing material left to burn.

The cross of Calvary was Almighty God in human form bearing the burning wrath of the Law, so that all who humbly repent and trust in Him wouldn’t have to be consumned by its just wrath.

So don’t be deceived into thinking that by shutting your eyes tightly (as Indiana Jones and his sidekick did) you will be saved from the Law. That’s Hollywood’s little spin. Instead, open your eyes to your own sinful condition. Think about God’s absolute perfection, your own sins, and seriously think about the future. The fire of the Law is heading your way. Humble yourself, get rid of sin through repentance, and seek the safety of the Savior. There’s nothing more important.