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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Here's the Dirt

Pasadena scientists rejoiced recently when their robot landed on Mars. Their expedition cost $420 million, took years to plan, and required an amazing ten months for the flight. The robot will collect soil samples and look for evidence that Mars could support life. Does the red planet have the “building blocks of life”?

I was excited when man first brought back samples from the moon’s surface. We waited while the amazing samples were tested. We waited for a long time. I guess enthusiasm waned a little when they discovered that God had made the moon from dirt. What did they expect? I’m sure that they will find that God also made Mars of dirt. Dirt. A $420 million discovery. How amazing.

Maybe we should spend our time and money on cleaning up the dirt in our own backyard. There sure is plenty of it.

If we ever discover intelligent life forms in space, it's a given that we will start a war and kill them.