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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Circular Reasoning, etc.

Reading comments between Christians and atheists is sometimes frustrating. Most of the Christians are very polite and try to address the issues, and the atheists are generally arrogant and word-twisting, while resorting to ridicule and personal attacks. They keep saying the same old things, such as, “Prove to me that God exists without using the Bible. If you use the Bible that’s 'circular reasoning.'” That is nothing short of ridiculous. It’s like saying, “Prove to me that the President lives in the White House, but don’t look into the White House.”

It seems that atheists haven’t figured it out yet, but we don’t need to prove anything. We know God personally, and we know that we know Him. They are the ones who are waiting around to die. We are the ones who, by the grace of God, have found everlasting life. They are like a man in denial, who is sinking slowly, and we are reaching out a hand to save him. If he doesn't like the hand of the person reaching out to him and he pulls back, that’s his problem. He is reaping the fruit of prejudice, but that’s his choice, not ours. But know this. Our motive is love, and we will be pleading with him and praying for him as long as we have breath in our body.