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Friday, July 18, 2008

Debate and Switch

“Cosmological evolution is not the same as Darwin's theory of organic evolution. How many times would you say you've been corrected about that? Seriously--How many times, approximately? Just 10 times? A hundred? A thousand times? And still you repeat it!” C. H.

You say, “Let’s have a debate about the validity of Darwinian evolution,” and when you find yourself in a corner with no species-to-species transitional forms in the fossil record, you change the subject of the debate. Suddenly, it’s not Darwinian evolution, but “cosmological” evolution. But I’m staying with the subject.

You have faith in an unscientific theory (Darwinian evolution) that is in great error, and one which cannot be supported with anything but conjecture. Evolution is nothing but a long and winding rabbit trail that leads nowhere. You have no explanation as to the origin of creation (how it began), why it began, or where the materials came from for the beginning. It is a senseless theory, and only the gullible believe. Evolutionists are as gullible as those who see the face of Mary in a tree knot or a piece of pizza.

All forms of the evolution are a non issue when compared to your eternal salvation. So set it aside for a moment and think about where you will spend eternity. Think about this precious gift of life. Think about your mortality. Think about your sins, and then think about what God did on the cross to save you from their eternal consequences.