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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Woman...the Glorifed Primate?

"Two strikes against Heaven for me. No seas, no seafood. He would give me a perfect body then take away lust. That's just cruel." Craig

As one who doesn’t believe in God, you are perhaps mocking, but I will address the thought anyway. When the Bible says that there will be no more sea on the new earth, it doesn’t say that there will be no more water. I can’t say for sure but there may be beautiful lakes, teeming with succulent fish. After the resurrection, Jesus was in His resurrected body, and prepared and (presumably) ate fish with His disciples (see John 21:9-13).

Your words reveal that, like most normal males, you live for sexual lust. It gives your sinful heart great pleasure, and you can’t think of a life without lusting for women. However, the miracle of conversion is that God takes our wicked and perverted hearts and gives us new desires. You are forgetting Who it was made women in the first place. It was God. What you see in the beauty of a woman isn’t a glorified primate.

As Christians, we are still tempted by the pleasure of lust, but we now know better. We now know that God sees lust as adultery, and He warns that those who give themselves to sexual perversion (lust) will end up in Hell.

When a sinner is born again, God washes away all of his sins. He is forgiven every perverted sexual thought and granted the gift of eternal life. What a fool he would be to give up his eternal salvation (eternal life) for the fleeting pleasures of lust.