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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Big Asylum

"So what is the point of your criticism of science? That because creationism is useless, it cannot be used to commit genocide or pollute the planet, and therefore ought to be preferred to mainstream science? That Ray ought to be encouraged in his attempts to turn back science and keep people ignorant?" Steven J.

Who would have believed that any human being would ever have to try and prove to any other human being that we were created? It is evidence that we live in a world of insanity, where it has become commonplace for fathers to murder their children, husbands to beat their wives, kids to kill kids at school. It is an insane world where people breath in carcinogens in the form of a cigarette and feel cool, where it’s normal and good to poison yourself through alcoholic intoxication, where lying and stealing is acceptable behavior.

We live in a world where mothers kill their children before they are born, where priests in the name of God molest children, where so-called rational people believe that we are related to primates, and call such unfounded imaginations "science."

And yet there is an insanity that rises above all this craziness. It is the ultimate psychosis. God offers everlasting life to all who trust and obey Him, and the insane mock Him and His Word. The Bible says that when we come to Christ we receive a "sound" mind. Until then, the insane live on undiagnosed.

The Bible reveals the root cause of all this mess. The issue has nothing to do with science. It is a corruption that the Bible calls "sin." The essence of sin is a rebellion against our Creator. It’s an evil that dwells within each of us, refusing to yield to His moral government. We are like rebels who hijack a plane that we have no idea how to fly.

We are plummeting towards the ground with no hope of salvation, and yet the Control Tower offers to guide us to safety. That’s the core of conversion--a total yielding of the controls back to the lawful Owner.

We justly deserve death. God offers us everlasting life. Please, repent today. Apologize to God for your transgressions of His Law. Think about your sins, then think about the Savior. Think about what He did for you on the cross. Trust Jesus Christ--give Him total control, and you will have the ultimate promise from God "who cannot lie." He will save you from death.