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Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Berkley Experts

"So, Ray. Using your 30 years of in depth research into the evidence for evolution, please inform the class why Tiktaalik doesn't count as a transitional form. You've been given an example. Now before you make another post repeating your claim that there are 'absolutely no transitional fossils,' please deal with this one." Rando

Let’s look closely at the Titaalik, which you believe is an example of a species-to-species transitional form. We will go to the experts at Berkley. In an article published back in May of 2006, they ask the question: "What has the head of a crocodile and the gills of a fish?" (Wait a minute. Are the experts saying they have found a "Crocafish"? Why then am I so mocked by evolutionists when I ask you to show me a Crocaduck?).

This is their fishy story: "Unearthed in Arctic Canada by a team of researchers led by Neil Shubin, Edward Daeschler, and Farish Jenkins, Tiktaalik is technically a fish, complete with scales and gills — but it has the flattened head of a crocodile and unusual fins" (http://evolution.berkeley.edu/evolibrary/news/060501_tiktaalik).

So this find is "technically a fish, complete with scales and gills." Let me repeat what the experts said, in case you missed it. Titaalik "is technically a fish, complete with scales and gills," and it has an unusual head that looks like a crocodile. Big deal. This has nothing at all to do with the theory of evolution or species-to-species transitional forms. It’s a fish, and God has created thousands of other fish with strange heads (see pictures of the Russian fish-face, and the ugly toadfish).

I can hardly believe how people will swallow anything as long as it has a big (or strange) name and is believed to be millions of years old. I wonder why atheists are the ultimate skeptics when it comes to the axiom of God, and blind believers when it comes to the theory tale of evolution.