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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The "empty" threat of Hell

"The difference between the Bible and an instruction book is the myriad of untestable (and detestable) claims the Bible makes. How do you know that if I 'sin' I will go to Hell? Only from the Bible, which is a source of such dubious credibility as to be laughable. Can you prove to me that ANY of what the Bible claims about Hell and 'sin' is true? Can you prove to me that Hell exists? If not, you, along with all your pulpit-pounding ilk, are nothing more than a carnival ride of empty threats." Temple

Hell is no empty threat. If I believed it was, I wouldn’t bother warning you. However, the way for anyone who doesn't like the thought is to say that you don’t believe in God. That cuts the problem off for you at the Source. All you have to do is ignore your God-given common sense. He doesn’t exist because you don’t believe in Him. You could carry this further if you didn’t like gravity, history, the wind or love. Those things can’t be seen, and therefore wouldn’t exist if you didn’t believe in them either. Anything that you don’t like will not exist if you just say that you don’t believe in it.

The key to being a committed atheist is to be totally unreasonable. When someone denies the obvious, you can’t reason with them. That’s why you can be presented with the absolute and clear evidence of creation (which screams of a Creator to any reasonable person), and you can say that there’s no evidence for God.

If you were reasonable, I would say that we know that Hell exists because we know intuitively that God is good. And if He is good, He must by nature punish a man who has tied up and raped three teenage girls, and then one by one, strangled them to death. In this case, justice delayed is not justice denied. God will bring that murderer to judgment and see that he gets exactly what he deserves, and Hell is the place of God’s justice. It’s His prison. Common sense tells that if God is good, it is right that He is also just. However, God is so good He will also punish thieves, liars, fornicators, adulterers, blasphemers, and everyone who has violated His perfect and holy Law. That leaves us all in big trouble. Without a Savior we will get exactly what we deserve, and that is a