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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Is God Guilty of Murder?

Let's use the BIBLE to see...WHO IS THE BIGGER MURDER? GOD OR SATAN? Search for the phrase "How many has God killed?" in Google. The first result takes you to a site that totals all the people God directly killed in the Bible, using only verses that give specific numbers. So how many people did God kill in the Bible through his direct actions? At least.... 2,391,421." Chief K

Get your calculator out and punch in the number 6,525,486,603. That’s how many people are alive now, but will soon be dead. Then try and figure out how many people have died since the beginning of time. That will be a problem for you if you are a believer in the theory of evolution, because you won’t be able to define the word "people," nor will you be able to pinpoint the "beginning" of time. However, do your best.

Then add this figure to your 6,525,486,603 and you will have a much bigger number than your mere 2,391,421 deaths that are recorded in the Bible. Then write the words "executed by God" after that total. This is because God as Judge of the Universe is the One who said "The soul that sins, it shall die." He is the One who has said that the wages of sin is death.

You arrogantly accused Almighty God--the Judge of the Universe (who is without sin) of the crime of murder, when you are the desperately wicked and guilty criminal. If you don’t believe that, then do what I did and every other Christian--take a moment to take yourself through the Ten Commandments (in the light of Matthew chapters 5-7). You have blown it big-time. Sorry about that Chief.