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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Man or a Mouse?

Have you ever wondered why scientists do research with mice? I thought about it recently when I heard Mr. Ronald Evans, PHD, from the "Salk Institute for Biological Studies" say, "All of the genetic components are exactly the same in mice as in people.” Wow. All the genetic components are there. This opens up a whole new realm for the imagination of the believer of the theory of evolution. Man may have evolved from the mouse, or should I say, had a common ancestor in the mouse.

For an evolutionist it really is just common sense when you think of the homologous structure of the mouse. Think of how the mouse uses its human-like hands in a human-like manner. Think of its human-like ears, human-like eyes, mouth and teeth (kind of).

The mouse, as do humans, has a heart, brain, liver, kidneys, lungs, legs, feet, blood, veins, etc. Humans and mice both need male and female to survive. But more: “As fellow mammals, humans share many physiological, anatomical, and metabolic parallels with mice” (Nadeau and Taylor 1984).

So there you have it--a new theory for naive believers to blindly embrace . . . and why not? There are no rules and no bounds of the imagination when it comes to the theory tale of evolution.

There is one similarity I forgot to mention. Both the mouse and the human being are easily trapped and killed. One by the smell of cheese, the other by a mere hint of sin