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Monday, August 4, 2008

Follow the Correct Procedure

"God concept is not new to me. I've thought about it for years . . . many of us prayed when we were believers and got no response."

There is a difference between being a "believer" and being a Christian. Every sane human being is a "believer" in God’s existence. Some people pretend He doesn’t exist (atheists) but they know He does. I know what the atheist knows because God’s Word tells me that He has given light to every man. He cannot plead ignorance.

Many a "believer" has prayed to God and "got no response" because he hasn’t done what he has been commanded to do so that he will be heard. What would you think of me if I said that I didn’t believe in cell phones because I tried using one and there was no response from the other person? I failed to turn the phone on and dial the number. That’s the reason there was no response. You have to follow procedure to get a response from the other end of a phone and the same applies with calling on God.

The procedure for getting a response from God is to repent and then trust in Jesus Christ. Since I did that many years ago I get a response every time I pray. Sometimes it’s "Yes" from God. Sometimes there’s a "No." Sometimes there’s a "Please hold." This isn’t in an audible voice, but through a certain conviction (like the voice of the conscience), through providential circumstances, or through His Word, the Bible.