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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Why People Have an Affair

A new book has just been published, called, When Good People Have Affairs. It gives seventeen motives as to why people have an affair.

One of the seventeen is the "accidental affair." This is when a woman has an innocent drink with her boss, and then goes back to his apartment to discuss business and ends up in bed with him. I’m sure her husband will completely understand the next day when she tells him that she accidentally committed adultery.

No doubt the book will become a best-seller because human beings love to be told that they are good people. This deals with the "sin" problem. Good people don’t go to Hell. The trouble is that the word "good" is relative. Your good may be different from my good, and Hitler’s good is no doubt different from what our idea of good.

The dilemma of the world’s definition of the word ends when we look to how God defines it. In His Book, it means moral perfection, in thought, word, and in deed. If that’s that case, then none of us is good. And if that’s the case, the author’s book title is an oxymoron, because good people don’t commit adultery. Sinners do, and sinners who commit adultery will receive terrible justice from a holy God for transgression of His Law.

I wonder if the author has seen that this could be the beginning of an interesting series of five books. She could also write, When Good People Rob Banks. Then follow that with, When Good People Rape, When Good People Murder, and then, When good People Commit Genocide.