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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bird Brain

"The Celtic Chimp said...Ray, Birds and all animals are most certainly impressive, no doubt. I have often sat in contemplation like that myself. I just come to a different conclusion to you. Ever wonder what goes on in the mind of a bird?"

Celtic...Yes. Almost every time I look at them. How do they know how and when to build a nest? How do they choose who to hang with? How do they recognize old friends (they all look the same)? Why don't we see fat sparrows? What are they singing about? Who teaches them music? How come they can all sing on key? How do they know that they are sparrows so that they can hang with other sparrows? Birds of a feather do flock together (how many sparrows do you see flying with seagulls?). Are they nervous on their first flight? Who warns them about cats? If it's their mom and dad, how do they communicate with their kids? Do they dream? What do they dream about? Cats? If they think, do they think in English or Chirp? Probably Chirp. Are they taught language skills while in the nest or afterwards at some sort of hidden Chirp school? Does the language have a similar structure to human language? When they all get together for a sing along (we often hear loud tree choirs), do they have a conductor? Is anyone is charge, or is it just a jam session of golden oldies?

As an atheist it must be a little frustrating having no one to thank for all this. How can you not stand in awe at the intelligence of the mind that put all this together? I marvel at the genius of God. Einstein did. Newton did. You don't. You see the meal but you never taste it...because you don't want to. What a tragedy.