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Friday, November 21, 2008

Open Air at USC

[pic. Students have a committee meeting at the "heckler's mic."]

I preached for nearly two hours at USC on Thursday (with an invitation from a USC professor). I was a little nervous just before I began. This was a prestigious university. It was a Mecca of intellectual understanding, and it was the educational home of men like John Wayne. But once things were under way the nervousness left, as it always does.

So, what would these intellectual minds come up with for arguments against Intelligent Design, the reality of sin, the existence of God, and of Heaven and Hell? Nothing new. They had the same old boring arguments. Nothing to back up evolution. Zilch. It was just a matter of addressing the intellect, then moving to the level playing field--the conscience. The moral Law left them as guilty as sin before a holy God.

One young man (Patrick) heckled me for about 30 minutes. Rejection of God left him with no purpose in life. He didn’t know why he was alive, where he was going, where he came from, and he admitted him that such thoughts were incredibly frustrating. He had nothing on which to hang logic. He had no absolutes. Nothing was sure, and he couldn’t even come to the conclusion that he was sane. Nothing makes sense when we reject God. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning, the ending, and the in-between--the reason for existence. He is light and life itself. Reject Him, and you are stuck with the alternative. Death, futility, and darkness.