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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Awed Speechless

We have a bird-feeder by a window in our living room where I do most of my writing. Every day I watch birds feeding, fluttering, fighting, and then flying off. But, as a Christian, I can’t help but think deeper about what I witness every day. Each one of these little creatures is an amazingly made independent flying machine. I have read the biography of the Wright brothers and was fascinated by the fact that they continually studied principles of flight that they saw in birds, before they constructed their own flying machine. We have the miracle of flight now, because the Wright brothers copied God’s handiwork. They watched as birds twisted their wings in flight, and how they used their tail as a rudder. If God hadn’t given them clues though His creation, we would probably still be grounded today.

I watch these little birds land in a tiny space with absolute precision, flutter their amazingly made wings, and move their heads with incredibly delicate movements. Each one has its own personality, and a mind to feed on that which will benefit it. It has a memory of where the food is, and instinctively mixes with birds of its own kind, but its tiny eyes are peeled for cats. One cat or the movement of my hand and a dozen of them will leave in an instant. They don’t panic at the first sign of danger and fly into each other, but in a split second they fly away in amazing unison. It’s not as if one of them sounds an alarm and they leave. It’s an instantaneous exit.

Each bird has a tiny brain, muscles that move the tail and twist the wings, a thirst, a hunger, an instinct to build a home, to start a family, to daily search for food and to snooze at night. They have a brain that coordinates tiny feet, its wings, a stomach, digestive juices, lungs that pull in air, kidneys, bowels, a liver, blood, and a pumping heart that sends it and oxygen through the tiny brain that keeps each little bird alive and kicking.

How blind we are to the absolute genius of God. It grieves me that I can go through life and look at any part of creation, and not be awed speechless by God’s amazing hand. But I did that for 22 years of my unsaved life. I was a blind man, unaware that there was anything outside my own dark little world. What is even more grievous, is that sinful man denies God due praise for His wonderful creation.