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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Testimony of an Atheist

"Having not been raised to believe in God, I didn't. I avoided the subject until my 20's, when curious friends and relatives openly inquired just what it was I believed in, since I didn't go to church or show any signs of faith at all. They assumed I must be an atheist, and I assumed so also. Soon I began justifying my lack of belief by using logic (I thought) to claim God was impossible, too abstract to exist. I started joining any atheist groups I could find, and debating Christian acquaintances, especially on the issue of evolution.

"Eventually, being an atheist meant having to be well-versed in the arguments of the other side; I had to know exactly what it was I claimed to not believe. I read a lot of apologetics books on Christianity and intelligent design. And they made sense! How did the universe and life come into existence, and the immensely complex, creative, self-aware human brain? Or even a bacterium or hydrogen atom? The only explanation for it was God." AP