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Monday, November 24, 2008

Goodbye Atheists

Around 2004, I was with our film crew in Las Vegas. We were interviewing people for our television program outside the famed Bellagio Hotel. One of the reasons it’s famous is because it has a magnificent computerized fountain that plays music as water bursts into the sky with each crescendo.

During that time they played some music that almost brought me to tears. I never knew what that song was called, and for years I have longed to hear it again. But recently, to my great joy, I heard it. Here is the song:


As I listened to its incredible melody, tears streamed down my face. One of the reasons for the tears was its title. It is called "Time to Say Goodbye." I have often watched people say goodbye to their loved ones at airports and my heart breaks for them, because one day there will be a last goodbye. All of us will say goodbye to everything we love and hold dear to us.

The Christian carries around a deep and heavy sorrow. He is like a man who sees villagers happily living beneath a great dam. He has seen cracks in the dam and he knows that they will soon die if they don’t move from where they are living. But the villagers refuse to believe his warning, and even mock his every word. His sorrow is that their deaths will be totally needless.

I know that when I say goodbye to my loved ones for the last time, I will see them again at the resurrection of the just and the unjust. If you want that incredible consolation, stop doubting, and take a long and honest look at the Ten Commandments. They are going to justly damn you forever. Then take a long look at the Savior on the cross. That’s what can save you completely. Then move out of the sinful village of this world, through repentance and faith in Jesus. When your sins are forgiven, instead of having God against you, "God will be with you":

Goodbye Origin: 1565–75; contr. of "God be with ye."