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Friday, January 30, 2009

When and why did a female evolve with every species throughout all creation?

Predicted answers:

"Ray, Ray. You know nothing at all about science."

"You show your ignorance by asking such a stupid question."

"You idiot. You don’t even know what 'species' means?"

"You have had experts explain the principles of evolution before, but you won’t listen because you are arrogant."

"We don’t know as yet, but scientists will find out one day."

"You are a liar and know it."

"You are using questions like this to deceive all your cult followers, and make money for yourself."

"Please provide proof for the above question."

"Ray. It's very simple. Neurophysiology has discovered through pan genesis that the genomes and deoxyribonucleics evocatively support the Lamarckian selection and the heterochronic theory suggests further pan genesis, completely explaining human hormonal structures and neurological anomalies."

This is the best explanation I could find on line:

"I don't know enough about the evolution to tell you where exactly species started sexually reproducing but I can tell you that even yeast (a very low order eukaryotic single celled organism) can mate and mix their genes."