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Monday, February 23, 2009

Children, and their propensity to do wrong

"Ray said ‘...we are criminals in God’s eyes, who have seriously violated His Law.’ Whoa! This is gold, Ray, pure gold! So every newborn baby who has just taken their first breath is a criminal in the eyes of your God? That seems a rather harsh and uncompromising view of things. We bring children into the world so they can be sinners. With a view of the world like this, why would anyone ever want to have children?” ~ Kristine

Kristine . . . Your “With a view of the world like this, why would anyone ever want to have children?” is interesting. People who believe in the reality of a sinful nature are the ones that have large families, and people who think that man is basically good, are the ones that kill their own kids through abortion. So your conclusion is erroneous. A famous preacher once said, “Children without sin? You without eyes, you mean!” How true. Anyone with kids and who can see will know that children don’t have to be taught how to do wrong. They know how to lie and how to be selfish. It comes naturally. That's because they are born with a sinful nature. This isn't harsh or an uncompromising view of life. It's reality. Parents have to teach their children to tell the truth and to share. Leave any child without instruction as to what is right and what is wrong, and he will almost always end up in big trouble.