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Monday, March 30, 2009

Who is the painter?

"Ray, when you see a painting, it is reasonable to assume that a painter painted it. Is it reasonable to assume that his name is Alan Jeffrey Pinkerton? How would you go about validating your claim? Would it be enough for you if someone just told you his name was Alan Jeffrey Pinkerton? What if somebody else told you that Alan Jeffrey Pinkerton never existed and it was really painted by Cecil P. Fitzwilliam? Imagine that it is your job to find out who really painted it. How would you begin your investigation? You see, creation = creator is all well and good... but how do I establish who that creator was?" CodewordConduit

In other words, it is obvious that there is a God, but what is His identity? Moses asked the same question on Mount Sinai.

The One who created the universe must be supernatural. With all our "genius," humanity can't create one grain of sand, a leaf, a flower or a bird, from nothing. The Creator must have powers that are infinitely greater than the greatest human being. The claim of the gospel is that this Creator will reveal Himself to all who repent and trust Jesus Christ.

This isn't a reference to a change of belief, or a change of religious philosophy. It's the supernatural experience of being born again. It was radical for me to be born the first time (natural birth). I didn't exist, then (in a matter of nine months) I was breathing the earth's air. The second birth (supernatural birth) I had on April 25th, 1972 was just as radical as the first. Only the Creator could do that. See John 8:31-32 for details).