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Sunday, April 19, 2009

The dumbest of Christians

"Perhaps you can explain something to me. If our existence proves that there must be a Creator, doesn't the Creator's existence prove that he has a creator as well?" Rick,

God has no beginning nor end. He is eternal. That's why (when Moses asked for His name) He simply said "I AM." (see Exodus 3:14). God just "is."

A genuine atheist believes that nothing created everything--that the whole of creation just happened without a Creator. However, included in this incredible creation, that supposedly just happened, are eyes. Let's look at them for a moment.

Each human eye has 137,000,000 light sensitive cells. Think now of how incredible the Creator must be--to be able to create each of the 1.4 million species with a pair of working eyes. We have no idea how to make one eye that can move with such incredible agility, self-focus, be sensitive to light, and actually see. In fact, we can't make a single eyelash from nothing.

Without the grace of God, all of us (including the atheist), have as much understanding of the subject of God as a dead chicken has of the theory of relativity. Our understanding is "darkened." We are alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in us because of the blindness of our heart (see Ephesians 4:18). Check out the next verse (Ephesians 4:19) to see the root of our problem. (Lewd: "inclined to, characterized by, or inciting to lust or lechery; lascivious").

However, in reference to His eternality, God created the dimension of time to which He then subjected humanity. When you and I die we will leave time and go into eternity. To think of such a dimension strains the mind. But use the brain for a moment to think of infinitude of space. It has neither beginning nor end, despite the simple surmising of some who believe that space has an end. It goes of forever in every direction . . . and Almighty God fills the entirety of space.

This same incredible Creator is morally perfect, and demands perfect justice. So please make sure you have peace with Him when you stand before Him on the Day of Judgment. On that Day, the dumbest of Christians will be seen to be ten thousand times wiser than the wisest of atheists.