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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Accused of trolling

I have been in Klamath Falls, Oregon, for a few days.

On Friday night I spoke to a group of pastors. On Saturday morning I preached to 70 bikers (and lived), then I was taken fishing. At one point I thought of how I am continually being accused of being a "troll" by some Atheists (note: CAP).

The thought made me smile because we hardly caught anything until we began to "troll." Then we started reeling them in--rainbow trout. It was a blast!

So trolling is a good thing for fishers of men.

But be careful, even with this post I could baiting you just to get a bite.

Today is Sunday, and I have the honor of speaking to 15 churches that have combined for the morning service. Wish you were here.