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Monday, May 18, 2009

Daniel in the liar's den

"I just read the article titled "The Amazing Atheist" on the Pull the Plug on Atheism website. In this article Ray states that Dan Barker was a false convert (hypocrite). I would like to know how he determined that, myself having been a Christian at one point. There is no possible way he could know that man's heart or feelings towards God during his time as a Christian and it is quite a judgment to make." Tyler

Dan is an atheist. He believes that God doesn't exist (he would rather say that he has no belief that there are any gods). If Dan was a Christian for 19 years, then he knew the Lord (a Christian is someone who knows God. See John 17:3). If he knew the Lord, then there is a God and Dan is deceived when he says that God doesn't exist.

If you ask Dan if he did know God for all those years, he will be forced to say something like "I thought I did. But I didn't."

So Dan didn't know the Lord. He was therefore never a Christian. He faked it (lived a lie) for 19 years, and that is an amazing accomplishment. Judas only managed to fake it for three years.

Dan is also revealing that he is the type of person that could be deceived by something for 19 years. So how can he then be sure that there is no God, when there is such a glaring flaw in his discernment?