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Sunday, May 31, 2009

One more on Hitler

Hitler believed that the German people were the superior race that deserved to rule the world. Here is his "Hit List" which reveals how he distinguished between the different races (notice his evolutionary progression from human to ape):

Nordic--close to Pure Aryan. Germanic--predominantly Aryan. Mediterranean--slightly Aryan. Slavic--close to half-Aryan, half-Ape. Oriental--slight Ape preponderance. Black African--predominantly Ape. Jewish (fiendish skull)--close to pure Ape.[1]

I can understand why some would be upset that Hitler was a fellow believer in the theory of evolution. But he was also a believer in God, and he used the name of God for his own evil political ends [2]. I am sure Darwin would have been horrified that anyone would pervert his theory and do what Hitler did, as is any Christian at what Hitler did in the name of God. Still, we have the consolation that the Day will come when he gets exactly what is due to him, as will all (both Jew and Gentile) who have transgressed God’s Law and murdered fellow human beings.

Pic. Nazi soldier belt buckle: Gott mit uns--"God with us"

[1] The Hitler Movement, James M Rhodes (Hoover Institution) p. 107.
[2] See Hollywood Be Thy Name (Bridge Logos), "Jesus, Hitler and Pedophiles" p 137, available www.livingwaters.com