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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hitler was a believer in evolution

American paleontologist and evolutionary biologist, Stephen Jay Gould, published an article which provided support for the fact that Hitler was an evolutionist. In it he introduces Benjamin Kidd, "an English commentator highly respected by both academic and lay circles." Kidd believed, according to Gould, that in Germany, "Darwin's doctrine became a justification of war" and is quoted by Gould as follows: "Darwin's theories came to be openly set out in political and military text books as the full justification for war and highly organized schemes of national policy in which the doctrine of force became the doctrine of Right." Sir Arthur Keith (1866-1955) was an atheist and evolutionist. He said of Hitler: "The German F├╝hrer, as I have consistently maintained, is an evolutionist; he has consciously sought to make the practice of Germany conform to the theory of evolution."

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