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Monday, May 11, 2009

The time will come

"Ray said,

'All it takes to get out is a leap of faith. Talk of faith may make you nervous, but you won't be disappointed if you repent first, then couple that repentance with simple trust in the Savior. Please do it. Unless you are chicken.'

Ah. Humor. Well, if your story is any guide, to take the leap of faith you describe would first require that I become a bird-brain. Your turn." C. Howdy

A group of onlookers once stared at a luxury liner and couldn’t believe what they saw. Some passengers had dived into the sea and were clinging to a lifeboat, while the rest of the passengers who stayed on board were laughing at them.

The onlookers remarked to each other how foolish they were to dive off the boat. Then the great liner hit something under the sea, sunk in moments and dragged all those who stayed on board down with it.

Suddenly they realized that those who looked like fools were wise, and those who stayed on the ship and looked liked they were wise, were actually fools.

We know that we look like bird-brain fools because we have left the pleasures of this sinful world and cling to Jesus Christ. But we also know that the time will come when we will be seen to be wise, and those who seem to be wise, will be shown to be fools. It's far better to be a bird-brain, than a dead dog.